One question I get asked on a regular basis “so what do you guys really do at TMLH?”.  So as I was pondering this question yet again it dawned on me what we really do.  The concept is quite simple however the process is more complicated.  The professionals here at TMLH take natural wood and bring out all it’s rustic beauty while building it in a function product.  It could be a log cabin, door trim, kitchen bar, or even a porch rail.  There are so many applications and different ways that it can be incorporated into a spectacular structure.  Check out some of the examples below.

This is what we start with:



This is what we turn it into:


Timber harvested right from the cabin location and incorporated into the flooring:


The floor after our pros finished up:


Hopefully some of the examples above help shine a little light on what we do around here.  Check out the rest of our decor examples in the Log Home Elements section of our website.  Enjoy folks!