Build Your Perfect Home

Recreate your log home memory with us.

Our clients from all over the United States come to us with a memory: of grandpa’s camp or other special log home in their past. Our goal is to build them a one-of-a-kind handcrafted log home to enjoy for generations to come.

Dedicated to Our Clients

We are successful enough as a company to have national recognition, but yet we are small enough to provide individual attention to each of our valued clients. Our team works closely with you, so your dream is turned into a beautifully constructed reality. This process includes design services from our gifted architect who brings your ideas together into a brilliant creation. From planning to the final touches, every detail receives professional attention.

Using Only the Best Materials

It’s important to start with the best possible trees to ensure a successful project, and that’s why we hand-pick each log. Our logsmiths and crew shape these logs using a combination of chainsaws, chisels, and similar hand tools for the finest fit and finish. We aim for a low environmental impact in our choice of tools and by using every bit of the logs we select. The cutout pieces are used to heat our office while the bark becomes bundles of kindling.