Our Team

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The Tucker Mountain Men
as authentic as the Log Homes they build!



CliffbigpineCliff Albee- President

Beginning with the trees chosen in the forest to the construction of your handcrafted log home, Cliff delivers both a high quality product and excellent customer service. Over the course of his 40 year career Cliff has excelled in the construction of handcrafted log homes. Under his guidance and knowledge he and the crew build our clients dreams that span over many generations. He is innovative with new products in the log home industry. When you meet Cliff you will certainly see his passion, keen sense of design and knowledge in building your dream home.






John Albee- Vice PresidentJohn

John started with the company at a very early age. Working along side his Father, it was soon evident he shared Cliff’s same passion for quality log construction. Over a period of time, he has perfected all phases of log home building becoming a Master Handcrafter. Selecting the log, scribing, and building with a chainsaw, he is a true Artisan. John is dedicated to running the log yard with the crew and building our clients magnificent log homes.









Judy Albee-Office Manager

Along side Cliff and John, Judy is there to insure your vision becomes the home of your dreams for many years to come. In the office for the business end of the company Judy is also dedicated to helping the clients with the products for their log homes and of course, the Décor is her favorite.










Chris Strehan- Architect/Office

As the Architect of our handcrafted log homes Chris’s attention to detail insure a beautiful home upon finish. Being with the company for many years he understands the quality and complexity of the hand crafted log homes built at Tucker Mountain. When Chris is not designing he is estimating projects, ordering materials and dealing with all aspects of the building of your home.








Gordon Smith-IT/Handcrafter

Gordon is invaluable to Tucker Mountain Log Homes in both IT office operations and in the log yard as a handcrafter. He uses his expertise in technology and communication to highlight the traditional craft of log building into the modern world.










Alvah Carter-Handcrafter

Alvah began his career at Tucker Mountain as a peeler. His tenacity and hard work ethic soon made him into the company’s best peeler. He has since transitioned into an excellent handcrafter and has become an asset to the company.









Aaron Leighton-Apprentice Handcrafter

Aaron has three summers with the crew in the log yard. He has gained knowledge and skill in everything from peeling to crafting the logs. His enthusiasm for handcrafting shows in his work each and every day.












Cirilo Albor-Professional Restorer

Cirilo has been with the company for many years. In that time he has mastered Media blasting and the staining of log homes. He has restored many homes that have needed vast repair and returned them to their true beauty. Being a very dedicated asset he works in all aspects of our company.







Jose Paniagua-Albor- Log Restorer

Jose (Lupe) works diligently improving all his skills in the log home company. He is an asset to the company as he is very versatile and moves seamlessly from the refinishing crew to the log yard.